006: ‘Ye Are Many – They Are Few!’

In the sixth episode of The Future Is a Mixtape, Jesse & Matt break out of their self-imposed duo-igloo and bring forth two friends far more adept at exploring the miraculous and shocking rise of Jeremy Corbyn in British politics: 1) Alex Biancardi, a dual British-American citizen who is an instructor of Political Science; and 2) Joshua Bregman, a “former American ex-pat” who was a film student in Britain during both the heady turbulence of the college-tuition protests and David Cameron’s vicious austerity measures. Before Corbyn’s rise, Tony Blair’s ‘New’ Labour had been melting in membership and participation after “Bush’s Poodle” went into retirement; and, in turn, the Labour Party’s center-left mildew of “capitalism with a happy face” had repeatedly failed to inspire a broad cross-section of a detached public, who spit-out in anger and voted for Brexit anyways. It was also a nation that was increasingly fragmented by class, race, religion and civic apathy. So who is Jeremy Corbyn and how did he reverse the Zombie-stasis of UK politics? What series of odd accidents and openings lead him into a position of power and acclaim, which now threatens the 40-year reign of Thatcherism and TINA (There Is No Alternative) -- the two seedbeds of which sprouted forth from an undying belief that markets will solve everything? So what is the DUP and why is Theresa May still clinging onto her Prime Minister position when the Tories lack the outright majority to implement their Voldemort manifesto? And how might Labour cross the MP-threshold to become the majority party, creating a space for another, more successful election that pushes Corbyn into May’s residence at #10 Downing Street? From listening to our first guests, Alex and Josh, we hope you’ll learn why UK’s Snap election has created the most exciting opening for socialism The West-left has seen in several decades.

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Grants, Loans and Tuition Fees: A Timeline of How University Funding Has Evolved

Current Student Visas to Expire and Immediately Be Shortened

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David Harvey’s Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution

Politico: “From Cairo to Madison, Some Pizza” (2/20/2011)

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Jerry Useem’s The Atlantic Article: “Power Causes Brain Damage”

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The 1996 Telecommunications Act That Killed ‘Fair & Balanced’ in American Media

Owen Jones on Twitter: “Labour Costed Their Manifesto. The Only Policy the Tories Have Costed Is 7p Per Pupil for Breakfast.”

Joshua Bregman: “Theresa May Had to Reverse Her “Dementia Tax,” Which Made Her Look Wishy-Washy.”

HARD BREXXXIT - Porn Parody by Directed Amory Peart for Television X (Of Which Alex Biancardi Professes to HAVE NEVER SEEN or Have BREATHED IN . . .)

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In Closing & On YouTube: “OH, JEREMY CORBYN” (White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” 2hr Continuous Mix)